hair coloring

Davines Colour New Technology-improving the colour deposit on the hair, making it shiny, bright and long-lasting.

We have a developed discipline in the art of coloring, balayage and highlighting hair, how just the right shade and can transform you. 

Haircolour by Christina Croasdale

One Process (Touch-ups)    from 70.

Refresh Ends-glaze-   from 20-25.

Balayage-                    from 125.

Partial Highlights-        from 75.

Full Highlights-             from 100.

Full Highs and Lows-   from 125-150.

Face Framing-             from 65.

Haircolour by Dona French

One Process (Touch-ups) from 85.

Refresh Ends-glaze- from 20-45.

Balayage- from 150-225.

Partial Highlights- from 140.

Full Highlights- from 175.

Full Highs and Lows- from 175-200.

Face Framing- from 105.

*Prices subject to change, due to hair density, time and extra products used.