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Got fine hair? Me too -

I have always longed for thick, lustrous locks but unfortunately we can't have everything we want in this life so I have come to accept my fine hair for what it is.  This means I am always on the hunt for hair care products that will add that extra oomph to my flat hair for me and my clients.

Most products out there are just mediocre, with few rare exceptions. This one is the perfect pick-me-up for hair prone to looking limp and lifeless. It prevents your hair from falling flat without the crunch when prepping with this effective  boosting spray gel. Creating a firm foundation at the root for styling; giving a boost to styles that have fallen flat or slept on.

To help support those beachy waves and Hollywood hair styles we are working towards today this product is a must have in my beauty rituals at the salon for my clients and at home for myself. Comes in a cool sleek black spray bottle. Sojourn Texture Root Lift Spray Gel.