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Is green the new black? I think so -

Safe cosmetics- how important are they to you? On average American woman use12 personal care products which exposes them up to 200 unique chemicals on a daily basis.  Skin is not a solid barrier- it's a penetrable organ that can easily absorb chemicals, especially with repeat exposure, it may not hurt you in small doses, but if you cleanse and moisturize your skin twice daily for decades, as most women do, who knows what could happen? Research shows that a good, green skincare routine is essential to not only looking but to feeling your best.  

The effects of products made with ingredients that are naturally in harmony with your body are more than skin deep.

By reducing exposure to chemicals, you may slow the signs of aging and, literally, add years to your life.
Chemicals commonly used in traditional skincare products can cause more than skin reactions and inflammation—think redness, blotchiness, irritation, and other signs of aging, often the very things you are trying to avoid by using the product in the first place. The ugly truth is the ingredients causing the reactions may also be wreaking havoc on your hormones.

Here's a list of the ingredients one should avoid ... and why:
Phthalates—Used as a solvent in many cosmetic products, these are known as "endocrine disruptors" because they mimic the body's hormones. Lab tests have shown a link to reproductive and neurological damage.
Parabens—A common preservative in many shampoos, moisturizers, shaving gels, etc., they imitate the hormone estrogen, which has been found to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Stay away from all of the "bens," including butyl-, ethyl-, methyl- and propyl-parabens.
Nano-particles—These are small clumps or crystals of substances used in many cosmetic products. While the chemicals may not be harmful in their original forms, they often behave differently when packaged into nanoparticles.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)—The key ingredient in foaming facial washes, SLS is a detergent that started its career as an industrial degreaser and garage-floor cleaner. When applied to human skin, it can strip off the oil layer, causing erosion and irritation.
Artificial fragrances—Synthetic perfumes contain Benzene derivatives and air-polluting aldehydes and can cause allergic reactions, like redness and irritation, as well as toxic reactions like headaches and dizziness.
Petrochemicals—These chemical products are derived from petroleum; they include toluene, which can cause allergic reactions
and skin irritation.

The more aware we are of what to avoid, the more companies will be forced to change. Consumers can help by beginning to swap products containing harsh chemicals for natural products.
It's not necessary to change everything at once, And it often takes a bit of time to find the products you like the best and that fit your lifestyle. 

So for me, discovering this I had an epiphany. I use a lot of personal care products every day, I love them. I covet them for myself, and they assist in my artistic ability enhancing my creativity at the salon. Green ingredients are important to me and the luxury natural products we choose to use today perform like they say, they combining nature's greatest ingredients. forward-edge technology, and make your hair what it should be-the ultimate look that defines your style.

Using highest quality essential oils and extracts to repair damage, keep hair young, supple and color new. Gently cleansing with no sulfates and styling with no stripping alcohols, excluding all ingredients  potentially toxic to humans, and our dear environment, 100% Vegan, Sulfate free, Sodium Chloride Free, Gluten Free, and Paraben free and never ever tested on animals. 

So green for me, yes - Combining the best of nature's ingredients, and taking out the harmful ones defines our products nothing less than a hair miracle.

This is what I believe in. This is what this beauty junkie lives for.