Game On

-A new cut or color can be exhilarating.

-It can be a lifestyle change, one that comes with responsibility of owning a newfound confidence.

"Christina says new hair changes everything. As once a boring brunette, I can honestly say changing to a bold redhead with a classic angled bob has been a liberating experience. I never felt more me in my whole life! My artistic outlook is as strong as my ability to preform my work. I like to take extra time to really get to know and see a person, to envision a new look I know my guest would love."

-Cooler Skin Tones look best in Deep Cool Reds.

- Warm Skin Tones can wear Rich Auburn to Strawberry Blonde.

-This is not just an ordinary brown, this brown has a bayalage technique and the ends aren't more then 3 levels lighter then the top.

-It's the new brown!

Give Christina a try; your locks will be in good hands. "Dona French"

Junior Stylist Prices

Hair Cuts $30.

Blowouts $25.

Single Process Color $65.

Full Highlights $75.

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