Christina Needs Models

 Rituals Salon News

 Christina has been working at Rituals Salon and has just passed

all her State licensing earning her Cosmetology Degree.

 She has been working closely with Dona for 2 years this September,

and is now in the next phase of our in-house education program.

  At this point in her training she needs to work on many different haircuts,

haircolors and styles as possible. (Especially Shorter, Medium Length Haircuts)

 Support Christina!

 If you know someone that may be interested in becoming a Workshop Model for Christina,

and is not presently a Guest of our Salon,  and would like to be a Model,

please have them call the salon and speak to Christina about coming in.

 Call 215 345 9510

 This could be your daughter, son, mother, brother neighbor or friend.


Guidelines for Workshop Models:

Thursday Evenings Only 

Haircuts $12.

Highlights $20. Single Color $10.

Dona will Supervise all workshops!

Option # 2

You can also schedule an appointment with Christina on Tuesdays

She is now seeing guests at Junior Stylist prices

Haircuts for Women $30.

Men $20.

Single process color $55.

Partial foil $50.

Full Foil $75.

Tuesdays Only - Hours 11-7

Affordable Luxury at Rituals

Thank you!

The Rituals Team

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