The Buzz at Rituals by Dona French

With Fall upon us, we have been inspired by the rich shades and warm hues we see in nature. Want to switch up your look, add a new color gloss to your hair or a new tone in your makeup? Let us help you with these subtle changes. They will warm up your complexion and enhance a more beautiful you just in time for Fall.

Dona and Christina both have mastered the art of balayage. The results are amazing!
Check out Christina demonstrating a balayage treatment on the front porch of the Salon where we participated in the 2015 Doylestown Arts Festival. Balayage is pronounced ( balāˈyäZH).
Balayage is an artistic freehand technique of hand painting highlights into the hair rather than traditional foiling. The color-lightener is painted in a gradual way to create a natural effect, allowing for less grow out appearance and more contrast. It can be done on blondes, redheads and brunettes with beautiful results!

Christina is back from Vidal Sassoon and has been fashioning beautiful precision cuts! She is now planning her next Sassoon trip to London (we will keep you posted).
Dona is traveling to NYC in December to the Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue to see Sam Villa for an advanced haircutting class.

Christina will be opening the salon "Early" at 9:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any guest who needs an early appointment time during the weekdays.

If you are having challenges booking a single process touch up with Dona, you can book it with Christina. Remember, we have your formula on file and Dona & Christina will work together tweaking your formula if necessary.

Help us grow our business, if you have had a good experience at our salon, let us know on Yelp! You will receive a travel-size N4 product for your review. Yelp- Rituals by Dona French
Thank you for your support!

Anna started nursing school this Fall at Abington Memorial. Good Luck Anna, we will miss you! Anna will be back at the Salon on an occasional Saturday and at special Salon Events to help out.
Keep in mind that Dona and Christina will be working together without an assistant until Anna's position is filled. If you may know of someone to fill her position as Salon Assistant, please let us know.

Olaplex? What is it? And why do I need it?
If you are part of the highlighting, balayage set, then absolutely a need!
Olaplex "repairs" bonds that are separated as a result of chemical treatments (coloring, lightening,)
And those whose hair is just wrecked from wear and tear from blowdrying and styling with hot tools can benefit as well.
Olaplex can be added to your color-lightener or used as a reparative treatment alone.
Olaplex rebuilds broken hair, reconnects and rebuild bonds, protecting your hair, strengthening , softening and giving it back it's shine.
A retail-friendly version of Olaplex to use at home is available, it allows you to keep your hair protected your from further damage.
And remember, Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment; It's reparative.

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