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Obsessed with dignified woman of style -

I recently read a biography on the legendary fashion editor , Diana Vreeland, and have become obsessed with this dignified women of style. She was a trailblazer in the industry and one of the most intriguing and eclectic women I've come across.

I am relishing some of the" bizarre" info I've learned recently of this charming woman, (who worked at Harper's Bazaar for years, pardon my pun.) Let me share a few things...

• She had the soles of her shoes shined regularly.
• She knew she wasn’t pretty, but wore her hair very black in order to stand out among the fashionistas.
• She was gay-friendly at a time when it just wasn't cool to do so. (I adore this about her.)
• She never made a lot of money, but was given plenty of gifts—clothes, jewelry, cashmere, car service—enabling her to live as though she was in a different monetary circumstance.
• She loved lacquer; bangles, in particular, and red Chinese lacquer boxes on her desk at work.
• She ate the same thing for lunch every day—peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
• She was married to a very inefficient man, but kept him around anyway.
• She discovered actress/model Lauren Bacall in the 1940s.
• She singlehandedly revived the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; most notably, bringing back the glam Met Ball, which Anna Wintour hosts these days.
• She penned one of Bazaar’s most famous columns, called “Why Don’t You…”(i.e., Why don’t you try a bikini this year?…Why don’t you give up stilettos…?”)
• She exclaimed, “Pink is the navy blue of India!”

As hair professionals, I think it's important that we keep on top of style from fashion to beauty, to diet and exercise trends. Reading about Diana Vreeland was an incredible reminder of just how vital we are to making women feel good about themselves. Read about Vreeland or watch her upcoming documentary, I'm sure you'll agree.