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Nancy is the best!!

Pam S. - North Wales, PA.

My hair cut is a A+ Every visit to the salon is wounderfull.  Thank you Christina!

Joan S. Warminster, PA.

I love my flirtatious hair! Nancy does a great job!

Robin S. New Hope, PA

 You're the greatest! It is always a pleasure and relaxing to be in your salon. Kudos to Christina.She is my girl!!

Judy M. Doylestown, Pa.

Dona is a true artist. Thank you for my look!

Nancy G. Fort Washington, Pa.

My color is always awsome. Love the products.  Many thanks!!

Rebecca F. Doylestown, Pa.

I am a long time client. I love the atmosphere in the salon. I've learned so much about my hair!

Holly M. — New Hope, PA

Great color, great hair cut, my wonderf ul stylist for over 30 years!  Love you Dona!!

Geri M. Doylestown, Pa.

I love my keratin treatment!! I feel like I have a new head of hair!!!

Diana S. Doylestown Pa

Christina does such a great job with my color and cut, I 'm loving my hair!

Sandy B. — Pipersville, PA

Thank you Christina for the best blonde ever, you totally nailed it!!

Amy H. — Doylestown, PA

Whatever you do my hair is perfect, color, cut, just what I need!!

Melanie C. — Doylestown, PA

On behalf of the New Comers Club we thank you for a delightful night at  Rituals Salon. We really enjoyed the Blow Dry and Make Up demonatrations

and learned some new tips! Also thank you for the wonderful appetizers and wine you provided. ( November 4, 2015)

New Comers Club of Doylestown

There's nothing like a dona-do!!

Lois O. — Doylestown, PA

I've been coming to dona and rituals for six years. I feel they keep me updated with new trends and new products!

Ashley D. — Bedminster, PA

We all love my hair cut and color! Thank you so much!

Paula C. — Doylestown, PA

I love my hair cut! I think it is the best I,ve ever had!!

Jennifer R. — Doylestown, PA

Thank you Dona  and Christina for creating my fabulous style!!

Marcia M. — Doylestown, PA

Before I started going to Rituals my hair was looking damaged from over processing. Dona and Christina brought my hair back to life!

Marianne L. — Lansdale, PA

I've been coming to Rituals for six years. I absolutely love the salon!

Amy B. — New Hope, PA

I am new to the area, and passionate about my hair. I was told to go to Rituals. I would not consider going anywhere else. I love the salon!

Sara P. — Doylestown, PA

  Dona Saved my hair!!

Desiree P. Churchville, PA.

Thank you Dona and Christina so much for all you did the day of our wedding. We all looked great!

So many compliments through out the day and evening!!

Barbara P. Doylestown, Pa.

I have had ton's of compliments since I found Dona and Christina!

Kate M. — Carversville, PA

Everyone loves my hair!  Me too!!

Ann R. — Horsham , PA

Thank you Dona and Christina for making me pretty!!

Ava S. Ivyland, Pa.

Christina rocks my hair!

Paige G. Doylestown, PA.

Dona is the best! I love the N4 products, Christina does a great job on my hair!

It's always a pleasure coming to rituals.

Barbara S. — Dublin, PA

I love my new hair cut and highlights! I have gotten so many compliments on it today! 

Thank you again - I love it !

Caryl Y. — New Hope, PA

My hair looks Great! Thank you Dona, Christina and Heather. I love my cool look. You do a great job, i have so much fun when I come in!!

Kathy H. — Doylestown, PA

I have sent my family and friends to rituals. I told them they would love it, and they did!

I really love my hair! Thanks for all the great cuts!!

Jennifer B. — Doylestown, PA

I love my hair cuts with Dona!! She makes me feel like a woman!!

Amy H. — Doylestown, PA

Ive had a great experience going to Dona and Christina. I couldn't be happier with my hair!

Colleen S. North Wales, Pa.

I just want to tell everyone how much I love my hair with Dona.  I am so happy to have met her. She takes such good care of my hair. She's a genius!!

Barbara K. — Solebury, PA

I really love my hair! Thank you Dona so much!!

Barbara R. — Doylestown, PA

Thank you Dona for fixing my hair! I've had many compliments. Again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Suzanne F. — Horsham, PA

I want to say I really love my hair with Dona. I get compliments, and it is so easy to style!

Patricia R. — Doylestown, PA

I have been a client of Dona's for over 4 years now. She brought me from a brunette, to a blonde, back to a brunette, and most recently, back to blonde. Dona not only takes care of my hair (which is still as healthy as a child's), but she treats me like a queen while I am in her chair.

Amy G. — Doylestown, PA

"I explained that I wanted to grow out my over layered bob and she really took her time on me before she started cutting."

Marianne D. — Buckingham, PA

"The salon is always tidy and very cute. My hair stylist is Dona. She also owns the salon! You can really tell that she's truly into her art."

Kelly B. — Fort Washington, PA

"They use the Inoa ammonia-free color at Rituals and my hair looks Courtney Cox shiny.. And it also has grown-out quite a bit. I get stopped on the street and asked where I get my hair colored."

Deb P. — Doylestown, PA

"Not only have I been enjoying the swath of compliments "Your hair is stunning" but I just did it myself this morning, and it was so easy! The swing, the look, the ease. I can't thank you enough!  BRAVA!!!! LUCKY ME!!!!!!"

Laura M. — New Hope, PA

Rituals Salon has a great friendly staff. Their hours are perfect and it is in a convenient area of Doylestown. The salon was very clean and tidy and had a great atmosphere!

Jaime K. — New Hope, PA

"As for the haircut, it is so hot that it's smokin!"

Pam G. — Solebury, PA

"Thanks to Dona, I got the haircut of my life last week and left the salon feeling amazing. She is a genius with the shears and has such a commitment to helping women look their best. She showed me all the tools and potions she used, and most importantly, how to use each one to recreate the style at home. Anyone who goes to such lengths to educate her clients and demystify styling tricks is a true professional, and one who cares about her clients and her trade. Dona is fabulous!" 

Marci B. — Doylestown, PA

Reliable quick friendly, I've been a loyal client for years!

Kathy P. — Doylestown PA

Dona takes good care of my hair. She brought out the natural curl I never knew I had. I love the salon with the antiques.

Elizabeth S. — Warrington, PA